Frozen Highway by Emily Holley

Taking advantage of bad weather

January 6, 2014

A day stuck in the house, or in my case someone else’s, needn’t be a wasted one. You can safely take advantage of the situation and show the jaded electorate you’re in the same chilly boat they are.

Adding machine keys

The Fundraising Pyramid

January 2, 2014

Fundraising is terrible. I know. You don’t want to do it. Chances are you’re reading this as a distraction for call time right now! If so, read to the end and then get back to work!

By: alexkerhead

Hire a campaign photographer

August 13, 2013

Not necessarily me, mind you, I’m quite busy. But SOMEBODY! Your greasy lens on your phone isn’t going to cut it. You need somebody who knows what they’re doing. Here’s why: Photo by: alexkerhead on Flickr.