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Taking advantage of bad weather

Frozen Highway by Emily Holley

Frozen Highway by Emily Holley

A day stuck in the house, or in my case someone else’s, needn’t be a wasted one. You can safely take advantage of the situation and show the jaded electorate you’re in the same chilly boat they are.

The Fundraising Pyramid

Adding machine keys

Fundraising is terrible. I know. You don’t want to do it. Chances are you’re reading this as a distraction for call time right now! If so, read to the end and then get back to work!

Reasons to Run When It’s Hopeless

Roxanne Conlin speaking at the 2010 Harkin Steak Fry

Roxanne Conlin speaking at the 2010 Harkin Steak Fry

I take issue with the notion you should only run for office if you have a chance of winning…

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My hopes for the 2014 legislative session
Iowa Capitol by Jeremy Einsweiler

Happy start of session! The halls of the Iowa Capitol are abuzz once again and with this being an election year it’s doubtful lawmakers will want to rock the boat too greatly. Here are some things I’d like to see get done under the dome.

Why I like Wendy Davis’ “A Texas Story”
Evan Smith, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Texas Tribune, speaks with state Sen. Wendy Davis during the closing one-on-one keynote session of The Texas Tribune Festival on Sep. 29, 2013. (Photo by Callie Richmond)

Wendy Davis is lassoing another round of headlines with her campaign kickoff video “A Texas Story.” It’s a bio piece intended to increase her name ID amongst Texans who may not be familiar with her. It’s a great video.