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Sometimes I hate being right.

Me a few days ago: I have absolutely 0 hope that Congress will keep partisan bs out of this discussion. The big egos can't be […]

Me a few days ago:

I was partially right. Congress has been above the fray as far as I can see, but there are people out there who are unable to keep partisanship and personal hatred out of this debate over Syria and it’s so sad. What’s sadder is that they own microphones and broadcast studios. I initially wanted to embed his Facebook post but that would give him more publicity than I’d like.

He posted a video of the President, in regards to Assad’s use of chemical weapons, where the President says “I didn’t set a red line [on Syria]. The world set a red line.”

Which is true. Except if you hate a man so much that every bit of information that comes your way is used to feed that hatred. Here’s the part of his post that set me off:

Sorry Libs…your Hero is a coward AND speaks with forked tong. Most Embarrassing.

Typos are his.

Wherever we stand on this issue can we keep that stuff out of it and debate like adults? Innocent people are getting gassed to death. If your hatred of President Obama or John McCain or Rand Paul or whoever is the basis of your position then you need to check to see if your humanity still exists.