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She Owns It All

No Etch-a-Sketching on our watch...

For more than a few Iowa Democrats, the loss of the Iowa Senate majority was more devastating than the presidential race. Iowa Republicans now have a clear path to outlaw collective bargaining for police, teachers and other state workers, throw up hurdles to safe abortions, and give away the farm when it comes to corporate tax rates. The Kansas Experiment 2: Hawkeye Boogaloo.

At the center of this new experiment is Governor-to-be Kim Reynolds. Theories among the Iowa Twitterati are that the Republican-controlled Iowa legislature will work to pass “unpopular” legislation that Governor Branstad can sign. His resignation, upon Senate confirmation as our next Ambassador to China, will be an “etch-a-sketch” moment where they’ll pretend it never happened and claim a clean slate for Governor Reynolds for the 2018 campaign.

That’s hooey and I don’t think the public will buy it. The Governor and Lt Governor have been just short of equal partners since 2010. Everything on the campaign is branded “Branstad/Reynolds” and most policy announcements from the executive branch include both names in the title.

She’ll be standing with him at the Condition of the State address and does not plan to make any staffing changes once she’s assumed office.

Her record is his record.

Greg Hauenstein