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McConnell goes full Hulk after BCRA loss

He didn't get his way so he's going to smash it all.

Photo of the Hulk

This bill will not bring the stability to the market that will keep premiums under better control. A two year stretch of “who knows” seems like two guaranteed years of uncertainty. Please feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

A “full repeal” of the Affordable Care Act means no more protections for those with pre-existing conditions. It means insurance companies can once again throw you off your insurance for no reason. It means yearly and lifetime caps are back.

It means massive tax cuts for the wealthy and special tax breaks for insurance companies.

It means people 19 – 26 will immediately lose their coverage.

Yeah, there’s a two year delay but I don’t trust this Congress not to come up with something worse in the mean time. Not with the way they’ve been operating.

I’m calling Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley first thing tomorrow and demanding they stand against this. It’s not what the people of Iowa want.