DSM Fashion Week 2018 Spring Show

An email and a phone call was all it took to land me front and center at this event. Huge shoutout to Camille for giving me this opportunity.

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If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, uhhhh why not?) it’s plain to see why I haven’t had many photography gigs recently. Eloise, while an unbelievably mellow baby, is nonetheless a baby and therefore requires 99% of my attention when I’m not at work. Attention I am all too happy to give.

But after four months of diapers and bottles every three hours to get her up to fighting weight, my creative itch had grown strong.


So I jumped on the Google, searched for “Des Moines fashion show” and came across Des Moines Fashion Week, whose spring show was just a few weeks away. I shot an email to the organizer asking if they needed a photographer and after a quick phone call to determine whether or not I knew what I was doing, I was in.

Yes, fellow aspiring and up-and-coming photographers, it’s that easy.

The Des Moines Botanical Garden is such a great place to shoot. During the day the dome acts as a giant defuser, giving a great ambient base that could be built upon with another light or two.

Huge huge huge shoutouts to Camille for letting me shoot there. I’m already looking forward to the fall show.