Fashion Photography

I live what director Kevin Smith calls a “Why not?” life. There are no shortage of people who, when they hear your dreams will respond with, “Why? Why do you think you could do that?” I’m the opposite. I’m all about helping a friend make their dreams come true.

Enter As Seen on M.E. My friend Megan wanted to start a business selling clothes and needed someone to help take pictures of them.

I was skeptical of my ability to pull this off. I’d only shot bands and politicians and the occasional landscape. I’m a nerdy guy. What the flying heck do I know about fashion?

About twenty minutes into our first shoot I was hooked.

Greg is a true natural and has an ability to capture people and moments in such an impactful way — and also make clothing look oh so good while doing it. His talent to photograph people and what they’re wearing in perfect balance makes him a dream photographer for fashion and fashion merchandising.

Megan Evans, Owner, As Seen on M.E.

Let’s work together.

Whether you’re a new model looking to build your book or an apparel company needing shots for your website, I want to make you and your products shine.