Political Campaigns

“…to make extraordinary things mundane is to inform people. But to take something that’s mundane and make it extraordinary, is to be making propaganda.”

Arun Chaudhary

The podium shot is important. It helps project confidence and strength. But up on a stage, behind a piece of wood, you are separated from your audience. In a time when we are craving authenticity and rejecting politics-as-usual, we should go for something different.

The most popular political photos I’ve taken weren’t close to the podium. Sometimes they’re even facing the opposite way. A State Senator shadowboxing in a dressing room before a big debate. A woman crying in the crowd because, for the first time, someone with the same skin color as she has a shot at the presidency.

The podium, the lights, the flags, and the fanfare are what we see on television. What I like to show most are the moments before and after. Politicians are often afraid of opening up and being real. They shouldn’t be.

Let’s go change the world.

Big speech coming up? Small event? Do you need photos for your direct mail or your campaign website? I’ve done it all.

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