As Seen On ME at the Barnum Factory

IMG 8298

This shoot was cursed. Maybe it was the fact that we were shooting in an abandoned paint factory?

Joelle in sunglasses

We started with a natural light shoot in a sunny corner of the shop floor. Tatiana was getting in position and I stepped away from my camera to get something from my bag.

Now, my camera was on a tripod and that tripod was not extended at all. It was Stable Mabel… until it wasn’t and it tipped face first down onto the concrete floor. Lens first. Thankfully, the UV filter glass broke the fall but to this day I’ve been unable to remove the metal ring from the front of my 24-105mm.

We got the shots and moved onto where Lindsey was ready to go. It was a darker corner of the shop but Joelle brought along her strobe so we were a-ok…

Lindsey posing in a black dress in front of gold balloons.

Until three shots in and the B800 blew the fuse. Folks, I don’t recommend trying to light a scene using three iPhone flashlights. It won’t work the way you want it to.

After tracking down some tenants who were just high enough to want to help us, we got power back and we hurried through the rest of our shots before the ghosts decided to get even more creative with us.

  • Canon 6D Mark I
  • Canon 24-105mm f/4-5.6
  • Alienbees B800