About Me

Hi. I’m Greg Hauenstein. I’m a photographer, husband to Emily, daddy to Eloise, and human to two lazy dogs named Ellie and Brimley.

I got my start in 2004 on the streets of Pittsburgh while attending school for film and video production where I took a big interest in politics and photojournalism.

On August 1, 2007 I left behind everyone and everything I knew and drove to Des Moines, Iowa in the hopes of joining the upstart campaign of Barack Obama. I had a video camera and most of a film school education. Within two weeks of arriving I was following the candidate around the state and by November of 2008 I had become one of the top digital producers of the campaign. I lived in six different states, put over 15,000 miles on my car, and met lifelong friends, including my wife Emily.

After the campaign I returned to Iowa where I spent almost three years as the Digital Director for the Iowa Democratic Party and I’ve been involved in Iowa politics ever since as an observer, an activist, a consultant and camera-for-hire, and occasionally as a staffer.

When I’m not saving/destroying the Republic depending on your point of view, I’m at home with my dogs and my gals. I like to cook, I enjoy a good afternoon on a bike trail, and I’m really bad at video games.

Disclosure: The opinions I express on my website and in the media I create are mine and are often based in fact.